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Intelligent black man

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He has worked at the Civil Rights Project since , when it was affiliated with Harvard Law School, where he was a lecturer on law. Lindsey is a child and adolescent mental health services researcher, and is particularly interested in the prohibitive factors that lead to unmet mental health need among vulnerable youth with serious psychiatric illnesses, including depression. He most recently was the Senior Media Strategist and National Spokesperson for GLAAD where he utlilized the media to call attention to the needs of the lgbt community, particularly transgender people of color.

Police brutality and the criminalization of Black men have been issues of concern within Black communities for centuries. However, Black fathers also contend with policies that adversely affect them and their ability to provide for their families.

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He has trained entire school districts on educational equity and school discipline. This includes their ability to be gainfully employed, engage with their children, and sustain a good quality of life. He spent the first half of his career doing direct care work at YAI Young Adult Institute assisting individuals with disabilities with daily living exercises. This episode focuses on suicide prevention efforts geared towards young black men. Addressing Historical Trauma Changing the Narrative This podcast will describe this phenomenon and provide best practices that school administrators and policy advocates can take to intervene.

Intelligent black man

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  1. Changing the Narrative podcast series brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to analyze stereotypes and dispel myths concerning Black boys and men, while providing facts and best practices for those working with these often marginalized populations.

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